Niko Mihaljević (b. 1985 in Pujanke, Split) is a post-conceptual artist and a graphic designer from Zagreb, Croatia. Graduated at Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL) in 2013. Received the Radoslav Putar Award (Young Visual Artists Awards) for the best young Croatian artist in 2016. Occasionally releases sound recordings at Teaches at the Media Design department of University North, Croatia. Contact: mail [at] nikomihaljevic [dot] com / +385 91 586 8536 / instagram: niko.mihaljevic.zg


Circumnavigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse
"After All, It's Only Leisure Time, Isn't It?"
Dürüm Organum: Horses On Beaches Of Uludag And The Girl From Wild Things
Mind Games Forever
De parabola mirabili (On The Miraculous Parabola)
Lion Gate At Kačićeva 24
Erica Preli's Reggae Weed Party
Contemporaneae dictae de Molli Templo II
Dürüm Saturdays — Or, A Verbatim Gastronomic Guide To The Dürüm Kebabs Of Arnhem — But Mostly, A Typographic Survey Of Exotic Speech Patterns
Cruciverbia de Molli Templo II
Metallica in Grgur Tepečić Notch
Metal stencil
Crystal Waters
Magneticae taeniae de "Carpe Diem" (Tape Loops 01–12)
The Most Popular Books Interview
64 cm3
Housewarming Party
Outlined Landscapes
Segment Of The Wall From My Former Flat At Heruca 17 On The Wall At Agnietenplaats 2
CD Archive
Amplified Pencils (R.I.P. Derek Bailey)
Outlined Cymbals
Tvornica dugmadi Zagreb
10 Pieces For Pen And Paper
Pages From Books Bought At Hrelić Flea Market