Čovjek i prostor #776–783

Two softcover books / 16.5 x 23.5 cm / x p.
Udruženje hrvatskih arhitekata, Zagreb, 2022.

The latest redesign of the magazine on architecture, design and visual arts “Čovjek i prostor” (“Man and Space”), published since 1954 by the Association of Croatian Architects, is based on the variability and diversity of visual expression. The only permanent design elements are the B5 format and the logotype concept that works at the text level, independently of the typeface — the visual relationship of the acronym ČIP and the full title emphasizes the negative space on the two-dimensional surface and interprets the magazine’s thematic focus. Color combinations, typefaces, graphic text layout, typefaces and types of binding vary from issue to issue, adapting to the new content and context.

Designed in collaboration with Petra Milički.