Museum of the Crystal Skull


“In 1927, while searching for the lost civilization of Atlantis, archeologists discovered a tremendously exceptional —— and maybe the oldest —— object ever made by human hand. It is a perfect copy of a human skull, wonderfully sculpted and polished from a single block of quartz crystal. It is, of course, a product of a sophisticated civilization —— it has been estimated to be 12 000 years old! The skull’s eyes glimmer as if they are alive. Observers report strange sounds, scents and light effects coming out from it. It is said that it had caused chaos, physical harm and even death. Is it possible that this mysterious object is our link to humanity’s dark, magic past? Is it a messenger from another age —— or another world?”

The above quote is a blurb from the Croatian edition of Richard M. Garvin’s “Crystal Skull”, a cult book about the mysterious Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull which was recently proven to be a forgery from the 1930s. Besides inspiring many pseudoscientific theories and a global new age religious movement, this esoteric artefact inspired a variety of pop culture products, such as the fourth sequel of the film series Indiana Jones, an episode of a science-fiction series Stargate SG-1, an episode of a Bonelli graphic novel Martin Mystère, a track by an American heavy metal band Mastodon, a luxurious vodka brand Crystal Head Vodka by the Hollywood actor Dan Aykroyd…

All of these cultural artefacts are preserved in the Museum of the Crystal Skull, which researches and presents the phenomenon of crystal skulls as a contemporary example of a mythological narrative transitioning into popular culture. The Museum was founded in 2019 by the conceptual artist and graphic designer Niko Mihaljević.